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Title: Composite Security Boundary Visualization



Subject: Guozhong Zhou,James D. Mccalley Composite Security Boundary Visualization

Description: Based on a recently developed security assessment methodology using automatic training data generation software and neural networks, a composite security boundary visualization approach is proposed for power system operations. This approach can draw a single continuous boundary given multiple individual security problems. It can be conveniently accessed on-line and can be easily integrated into the energy management system (EMS). Examples are given for demonstration of the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Keywords--- Boundary visualization, security assessment, operations planning, power systems. I. Introduction In the open access environment, utilities face unparalleled challenges and take risks to be more competitive. One of these risks is that typical operating conditions tend to be much closer to security boundaries. This is because transmission utilization is increasing in sudden and unpredictable directions, and competition together with other regulatory requirements mak...

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Date: 1997-10-24

Pubyear: 1997

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