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Title: Anonymous Internet Mercantile Protocol




Subject: David M. Kristol,Steven H. Low,Nicholas F. Maxemchuk Anonymous Internet Mercantile Protocol

Description: Security and privacy protection become increasingly important as we enter the era of electronic commerce and information superhighways. We have applied the same principle of information separation in [7, 6] to design an anonymous mercantile protocol that can be used over the Internet for anonymous funds transfer from a customer to a seller and anonymous information delivery in the reversed direction. The idea is to separate all information needed for a transaction into different components and use cryptographic techniques to hide from a party those components that are not necessary for the party to perform its function. The protocol proposed here guarantees customers' anonymity while protects all parties including the seller from being cheated. A version of the protocol, based on the current FTP implementation, is being implemented. The authors can be reached at dmk,slow, Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Setup and overview 4 3 Cryptographic tools and notations 5 4 P...

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Date: 1999-02-05

Pubyear: 1994

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