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Title: Parallel Classification by Feature Partitioning


Subject: Huseyin Simit¸ci H. Altay Guvenir Parallel Classification by Feature Partitioning

Description: This work presents a parallel method for learning from examples using parallel feature partitioning (PFP). Feature partitioning (FP) is an inductive, incremental and supervised learning method proposed by S¸irin and Guvenir [1]. PFP assigns feature dimensions to separate nodes. Learning in PFP is accomplished by storing the objects separately in each feature dimension as disjoint partitions of values. Every node expands a partition, which is initially a point in the feature dimension through generalization. The CFP algorithm specializes a partition by subdividing it into sub-partitions. PFP is implemented in the PCFP (Parallel Classification by Feature Partitioning) algorithm. PCFP is tested in six different domains, and results are compared with CFP of S¸irin and Guvenir [1]. feature 1 feature 2 feature k host feature node 2 partitions for feature 2 ...... .... Figure 1: Topology of the feature nodes and the host node 1 Introduction This work presents a parallel method for learni...

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Date: 1994-02-01

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