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Title: Knowledge Interchange Format: The KIF of Death


Subject: Matthew L. Ginsberg Knowledge Interchange Format: The KIF of Death

Description: There has been a good deal of discussion recently about the possibility of standardizing knowledge representation efforts, including the development of an interlingua, or kif (knowledge interchange format) that would allow developers of declarative knowledge to share their results with other AI researchers. In this paper, we examine the practicality of this idea. We present some philosophical arguments against it, describe a straw man kif, and suggest specific experiments that would help explore these issues. 1 Introduction There has been a flurry of interest recently in the possibility of standardizing existing work on knowledge representation, supported by darpa and other funding agencies. One focus of this effort has been the development of an interlingua, or kif (Knowledge Interchange Format) by which knowledge could be moved from one declarative system to another. This paper will touch on a variety of issues. In Section 2, we discuss general concerns about both the practicality o...

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Date: 1997-01-15

Pubyear: 1991

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