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Title: Learning Motor Skills by Imitation


Subject: Maja J Mataric Learning Motor Skills by Imitation

Description: learning to coordinate individualist and social behaviors in a group context. We have developed a strategy for accelerated individual learning by taking advantage of multiple goals and multiple reward functions. We have also worked on principally building in knowledge into the reward functions (Matari'c 1994b). Finally, we applied this reinforcement strategy to social learning in a domain where multiple physical agents learn to optimize individual and collective benefit (Matari'c 1994a). 2 Imitation While our previous research has focused on learning when to perform a skill or a behavior, i.e. on behavior selection, our current research addresses the problem of how to perform a skill. T2 visual signal declarative memory attention context T1 body-centered model motor commands external behavior motor schemas proprioceptive feedback sensory feedback body-centered plan

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Date: 1997-10-24

Pubyear: 1994

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