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Title: A Perspective on Multi-Agent Systems



Subject: Iain D. Craig,Coventry Cv Al A Perspective on Multi-Agent Systems

Description: People do not live in isolation from others: they live in societies. This paper is about Multi-Agent Systems and their relevance to cognitive science and to theories of social behaviour. We examine some of what we believe to be central issues in the theory of Multi-Agent Systems and relate them to issues in Cognitive Science. Our aims are to introduce Multi-Agent Systems and to show how they can be illuminating as modelling devices in the production of cognitive theories that relate the individual to social context. To appear in: Proc. First Bulgarian Summerschool on Cognitive Science. Acknowledgements This paper summarises (and in some places expands on) a series of five lectures given at the First Bulgarian Summerschool on Cognitive Science, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12--24 September, 1994. I am grateful to Dr. Boicho Kokinov for his invitation to teach this course, and to the students who took the Multi-Agent Systems course for their stimulating questions. I am also grateful to EC TEMPUS ...

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Date: 1996-05-17

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