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Title: A New Consistency Protocol Implemented in the CAliF System




Subject: Herve Guyennet,Jean-christophe Lapayre,Michel Trehel A New Consistency Protocol Implemented in the CAliF System

Description: We propose a new consistency protocol for distributed shared memory (DSM) where different shared objects are replicated at each site. This protocol was developed for the cooperative platform called CAliF: Cooperative Application Framework. This system uses DSM to transparently handle the data sharing. We present an algorithm which uses the token technique. Updates of shared data are carried through a virtual ring on the token, named Pilgrim. Pilgrim protocol provides both reliable consistency and guaranteed performance according to the type of application described. In this paper, the protocol is described, proved and then simulated using the SPIN model checker, and we demonstrate its qualities. 1 Introduction Many cooperative work applications are found in literature: text editors [10, 4, 12], or multimedia applications such as CoMEdiA [14]. Standard environments like CORBA or DCE, and parallel programming environments as PVM or MPI do not propose specific facilities for cooperative ...

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Date: 1999-01-20

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