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Title: Using Gabor Filters to Measure Pattern Part Features and Relations




Subject: Richard Buse,Zhi-qiang Liu,Terry Caelli Using Gabor Filters to Measure Pattern Part Features and Relations

Description: An innovative and powerful method is proposed for measuring physical parameters of lines using the response of only a bank of Gabor filters. These measurements were made without resorting to an image ruler. First we measured the length and angle of a single isolated line, and then extended the method to images consisting of many lines. A constraint on this method is that the lines in the scene need to be separated and isolated by a minimum distance. Results indicated that Gabor filters can be successfully applied to the measurement of geometric properties of objects, especially where Gabor filters are already being used for processing tasks. The best accuracies in terms of measurement error for the line length and angle were 0.71% and 0% respectively. Keywords: Gabor filters, geometric measurement, pattern relations, feature extraction, vision 1 Introduction The Gabor filter was developed by D. Gabor (8) and used to define signals in both the frequency and time domains with minimum ...

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Date: 1995-03-22

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