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Title: Standardizing the Querying Process with SGML


Subject: Arijit Sengupta Standardizing the Querying Process with SGML

Description: One of the most exciting applications of SGML which has emerged in the recent years is its use in document databases. The structural information embedded in SGML documents makes it possible to query SGML documents and extract information in an automatic manner; however, this querying process has not been standardized. As a result, different SGML database implementations use their own query language syntax, thus making the migration from one system to another a difficult process. In the relational database domains, however, the query language SQL (Structured Query Language) has been a standard for over ten years and is universally used in most relational database systems. Although originally designed for relational databases, SQL is quite powerful for specifying complex queries in a relatively easy-to-understand syntax. With a small set of extensions to take advantage of the hierarchical structure of SGML, SQL can be easily adapted for use with SGML document databases [TAG-496]. The pow...

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Date: 1996-09-18

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