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Title: Logical Aspects of Surprise


Subject: Jean Louis Dessalles Logical Aspects of Surprise

Description: this paper may be proposed in any situation in which the functioning of the system does not match the user's expectations. This includes some interactions with knowledge-base systems, for end-users, but also experts during the elicitation and maintenance phases. This concerns also help and advisory systems, as far as the system is able to detect unsatisfied expectations in the user's request. In any case, implementing surprise-based explanation capabilities requires that the systems has a very good representation of the user's knowledge. For instance, if we want a system to detect surprise, as PARADISE does, in a user's utterance and then to reply by giving an explanation, using a knowledge structured as a set of incompatibilities, then the system has to select a clause which contains terms of the user's request, say r 1 and r 2 , and terms that were actualized in the present situation: s 1 , s 2 . [ r

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