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Title: Empirical Analysis of Overheads in Cluster Environments*



Subject: Brian K. Schmidt,V. S. Sunderam Empirical Analysis of Overheads in Cluster Environments*

Description: In concurrent computing environments based on heterogeneous processing elements interconnected by general-purpose networks, several classes of overheads contribute to lowered performance. The most obvious limitations are network throughput and latency, but certain other factors also play a significant role. In an attempt to gain some insight into the nature of these overheads, and to propose strategies to alleviate them, empirical measurements of native communication performance as well as application execution performance were conducted, using the PVM network computing system. These experiments and our analyses have identified load imbalance, the parallelism model adopted, communication delay and throughput, and within-host overheads as the primary factors affecting performance in cluster environments. Interestingly, we find that agenda parallelism and load balancing strategies contribute significantly more to better performance than improved communications or system tuning. Drawing g...

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Date: 1994-05-18

Pubyear: 1995

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