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Title: The Study of Learning Mechanisms in Unified Theories of Cognition


Subject: Niels A. Taatgen The Study of Learning Mechanisms in Unified Theories of Cognition

Description: Unified theories of Cognition (UTCs) aim at unifying cognitive psychology. The core of such a theory is an architecture for cognition, an open structure containing a set of mechanisms that are the building blocks of the theory. Newell has formulated a list of constraints that a UTC must satisfy, some of which also influence the mechanisms of the architecture. Two constraints will be discussed: the constraint about learning and the constraint about time. Learning and time are intertwined, since learning intends to reduce the time needed for certain tasks. Newell's proposal for a UTC, Soar, has one learning mechanism called chunking. In this paper the chunking mechanism is explored to model learning strategies in Go, a chinese board game that has a high time-complexity, thus challenging the time constraint. Some experimental material about human subjects playing Go is discussed, and a framework for a model of solving Go problems is presented. 1. Introduction The field of cognition is r...

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Date: 1994-04-15

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