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Title: Compression of Image Contours Using Combinatorial Optimization




Subject: Ranveig Nygaard,John Hkon Husy,Dag Haugl Compression of Image Contours Using Combinatorial Optimization

Description: Compression of image contours is an important problem in many contexts. An example is object oriented video coding, where efficient encoding of shape information of arbitrarily shaped objects is a major problem. This paper presents a method for compressing contours by extracting representative points from the original curve. By formulating the point selection problem as a graph theory problem, known optimization theory can be applied in order to yield optimal compression with respect to a given error bound. The contour is reconstructed based on linear interpolation among the extracted curve points. The method presented here guarantees a minimal distortion for a given number of retained curve points. Compared to many other compression methods, this method shows superior performance.

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Date: 1998-06-20

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