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Title: Michael J. Swain, Charles H. Frankel and Mei Lu




Subject: Michael J. Swain,Charles H. Frankel,Mei Lu Michael J. Swain, Charles H. Frankel and Mei Lu

Description: We show how it is possible to use the surface properties of objects to ønd them in image databases. Using color and local spatial cues at multiple resolutions, we can distinguish both textures and individual salient features on the surfaces of objects. Preliminary experiments on databases of size 20 (for the salient features) and 147 (for the textures) show promising results, and suggest we can extend these approaches to large databases. 1 Introduction We are building a tool, called FINDIT [ 9 ] , for locating the image of an object from within a large number of images of scenes which may contain the object. The user outlines an object in an image that he wants to ønd elsewhere in the database (which could be a sequence of images from a videotape, for example), and speciøes the constraints on the transformations of the object that are expected to occur. The program works from indexing data structures created ooe-line and acts as a ølter to quickly reduce the possible umber of candidat...

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Date: 1995-10-20

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