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Title: Pumping, Cleaning and Symbolic Constraints Solving




Subject: Hubert Comon,Max Dauchet,Florent Jacquemard Pumping, Cleaning and Symbolic Constraints Solving

Description: We define a new class of tree automata which generalizes both the encompassment automata of [3] and the automata with tests between brothers of [2]. We give a pumping lemma for these automata, which implies that the emptiness of the corresponding language is decidable. Then, we show how to decide emptiness by means of a "cleaning" algorithm, which leads to more effective decision procedures. Introduction Ground reducibility of a term t with respect to a term rewriting system R is the property that all ground instances of t are reducible by R. This property is used in automatic proof by induction in equational theories [10, 1], in proving properties of equational specifications [11] and in constraint solving in quotient algebras [9]. Ground reducibility has been shown decidable in the general case by D. Plaisted [15], D. Kapur et al. [11], E. Kounalis [12]. Recently, some of us proved a more general result : the first order theory of encompassment is decidable [3]. More precisely, a t...

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Date: 1995-04-19

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