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Title: Patient Confidentiality --- At Risk from NHS Wide Networking





Subject: Dr Ross,J. Anderson,C. Math,C. Eng Patient Confidentiality --- At Risk from NHS Wide Networking

Description: Introduction The NHS is building a network to link up Britain's medical computer systems. The original motive was to transmit administrative data, but the system is now being promoted as a channel for clinical information as well. The claim is that this will enhance the quality of care afforded to patients, by improving communications in a number of ways: ffl messages such as referrals and path lab reports will get to the addressee within minutes rather than days and will be less likely to get lost; ffl videophones will enable remote consultation with specialists and thus save both patients' and consultants' travelling time; ffl central collation of medical records will help clinical auditors and medical researchers evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments. The available descriptions of the network are still somewhat confused 1 , but we shall focus here on the NHS claim that that security worries about the Inte

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Date: 1995-08-26

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