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Title: The Future And Applications Of Genetic Algorithms


Subject: Marcus Randall The Future And Applications Of Genetic Algorithms

Description: This paper presents a method of producing solutions to difficult problems based on the laws of natural selection. The method, known as the genetic algorithm, is described in detail and applied to the cart pole control problem. The future of genetic algorithms is discussed in terms of potential commercial application. Key Words/Phrases: genetic algorithms, chromosomes, genes, crossover, mutation, generic genetic algorithm engines, cart pole problem 1.0 INTRODUCTION Producing solutions to standard business problems (such as developing and maintaining payroll systems) have long been the staple activity of the computer industry. However as more of these systems are prepared, this is leaving more difficult problems to solve using computer implementation. Difficult problems are those which cannot be readily solved using conventional techniques/algorithms. Such problems involve finding solutions which are non-linear (i.e. there may not be a discernible relationship between input and output)...

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Date: 1997-11-07

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