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Title: Measurement and Modeling of EARTH-MANNA Multithreaded Architecture



Subject: Shashank S. Nemawarkar,Guang R. Gao Measurement and Modeling of EARTH-MANNA Multithreaded Architecture

Description: In this paper, we develop and apply an analytical model to analyze the performance of the EARTHMANNA multithreaded multiprocessor system. The performance model is based on closed queuing networks. We develop heuristics to account for the realistic subsystem interactions (simultaneous resource possession) and multithreaded workload. Inputs to the analytical model are architectural parameters of the EARTH-MANNA system, and program workload parameters. Predictions of the performance model include processor utilization and network latency. We characterize the variation of these performance measures in terms of program workload and architecture characteristics. We validate the analytical model through runtime measurements from the actual program executions on the EARTH-MANNA system. 1 Introduction Multithreaded architectures have been proposed to tolerate the long latencies for communication and synchronization in parallel program executions [3, 2, 8]. On encountering a long latency opera...

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Date: 1995-11-17

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