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Title: Thierry Hamon


Subject: Thierry Hamon Thierry Hamon

Description: tion between terms having the same meaning in a particular context. This definition is close to that of [Miller et al.93]. As our definition of the synonymy depends on the context, we cannot apply the transitivity rule to the dictionnary context-free links. However tests on dictionary samples show that links which can be added thanks to transivity already exist in the dictionary. For instance, the following words are synonymous pairwise: logement (accommodation), demeure (residence), domicile (residence) and habitation (house). In order to evaluate the relevance of general semantic information for the terminology structuration, we have experimented our method with a 200,000 word corpus about electric power plant. It is a very technical corpus. Indeed, the proportion of general words found in a technical corpus varies with the domain. Considering two documents

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Date: 1998-07-30

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