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Title: TREC-7 Ad-Hoc, High Precision and Filtering Experiments using PIRCS






Subject: K. L. Kwok,L. Grunfeld,M. Chan,N. Dinstl,C. Cool TREC-7 Ad-Hoc, High Precision and Filtering Experiments using PIRCS

Description: In TREC-7, we participated in the main task of automatic ad-hoc retrieval as well as the high precision and filtering tracks. For ad-hoc, three experiments were done with query types of short (title section of a topic), medium (description section) and long (all sections) lengths. We used a sequence of five methods to handle the short and medium length queries. For long queries we employed a re-ranking method based on evidence from matching query phrases in document windows in both stages of a 2-stage retrieval. Results are well above median. For high precision track, we employed our interactive PIRCS system for the first time. In adaptive filtering, we concentrate on dynamically varying the retrieval status value threshold for deciding selection and during the course of filtering. Query weights were trained but expansion was not done. We also submitted results for batch filtering and standard routing based on methods evolved from previous TREC experiments. 1. Introduction We continue ...

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Date: 1999-02-07

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