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Title: Organizational Learning Within A Learning Classifier System


Subject: Jason R. Wilcox Organizational Learning Within A Learning Classifier System

Description: This thesis recasts the debate between Michigan-style and Pitt-style classifier systems to a debate on appropriately sizing organizations within a learning classifier system. Motivated by the economic study of transaction costs, an organizational classifier system (OCS) combining explicit use of multiple reputation values and organization sizing operators better distinguishes parasitic (less than optimal) classifiers than a simple classifier system (SCS). The results show that by building a system that autonomously adjusts the degree of individual to collective behavior, it is possible for it to be both efficient and resilient to problem difficulty. iii Acknowledgments I thank my parents, although no amount of thanks could sufficiently repay their unfailing love and support. I thank Dr. David Goldberg, my adviser, for his input, support, and creative ideas. I thank Kevin Carmody and Jeffrey Horn for their friendship and support. I thank Rebecca Robinson for taking care of things whil...

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Date: 1995-06-13

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