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Title: Directed Crossover within Genetic Programming


Subject: W. B. Langdon Directed Crossover within Genetic Programming

Description: 9.97> The tree has never been executed, ffl The tree has never been executed in a test sub sequence which subsequently failed a consistency check (nak) and it is anticipated that it would not be executed by any of the fitness test cases that have not been used (unknown). However a tree may be selected as the crossover location immediately if either:-- ffl The number of times it was used in a test subsequence which subsequently passed its consistency check (ok) is less than nak, or 1 W. B. Langdon 17 August 1995 2 ffl both it has never been run successfully and unknown is zero. Otherwise, the following ratio is calculated: nak + unknown ok + unknown (1) When ratios for three trees have been calculated, crossover occurs in the tree with the highest ratio. If 100 tre

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Date: 1995-08-17

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