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Title: A Comparison of Robustness: Fuzzy Logic, PID, Sliding Mode Control



Subject: Charles P. Coleman,Datta Godbole A Comparison of Robustness: Fuzzy Logic, PID, Sliding Mode Control

Description: This work is performed in order to foster and promote unbiased and accurate comparison of fuzzy logic control and classical control design methodologies. We are motivated to execute this study by the demonstrated robustness to plant perturbations of the fuzzy logic controller given in [0]. Robust fuzzy logic, PID, and sliding mode controllers are designed to control the speed of a nominal third order linear time-invariant model of a motor. The step response performance of each controller, applied to the nominal and two perturbed motor plants, is presented. We conclude fuzzy logic control can be a useful tool for the control engineer. We encourage more benchmark comparisons of fuzzy logic control with classical control techniques for the benefit of the practicing control engineer. I. Introduction A. New Control Tools, New Enemies? The successful use of fuzzy logic controllers has greatly expanded in the last twenty years ([0]--[0]). This expansion has prompted much comparison to clas...

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Date: 1997-02-05

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