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Title: The Notion of Trajectory in Graphical User Interfaces



Subject: Dorian Gorgan,David A. Duce The Notion of Trajectory in Graphical User Interfaces

Description: . The Active Objects Model (AOM) as a model-based user interface development environment is presented. The paper highlights the convenience of the trajectory notion in the description of the structure and functionality of graphical user interfaces. The AOM model consists of a set of active agents with private rule based behaviours. Model entities involve topological information which define, through a direct manipulation technique, the active object behaviour definition, parallel and cooperative evolution of agents, time controlling, event oriented or supervised behaviour, interactive techniques, visual programming constructs, rapid prototyping, and demonstration based interfaces. 1 Introduction Over the last year development of user interface construction tools has emphasized a set of concepts, methodologies and techniques which support the design of interfaces with good performance. These user interface construction tools have to support applications from new domains such as: distri...

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Date: 1997-05-28

Pubyear: 1997

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