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Title: Real Time Vision System for Collision Detection





Subject: Alok Mittal,Aditya Valilaya,Subhashis Banerjee,M. Balakrishnan Real Time Vision System for Collision Detection

Description: Collision detection is an essential feature for any Real-Time Active Vision system to safeguard it against imminent collisions. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a real-time (25Hz) collision detection and avoidance system. The implementation is based on a theory originally proposed in [5, 4]. A relative motion between an observer and an object induces a corresponding image velocity, which is divergent in nature when the object moves towards the camera. In this system, we detect imminent collision from the divergent image ow. The implementation is based on a combination of spatial parallelism and pipelining. We have developed a general purpose library for implementing a pipeline application. This library can be ported on to any multiprocessing machine supporting inter-process communications. To achieve real-time performance, we have developed the collision detection system using the pipe library on a network of T805 transputers. A mobile robot with a camera mo...

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Date: 1999-03-14

Pubyear: 1995

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