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Title: Braille Translation using Augmented Transition Networks



Subject: Jose Cabrera Molina,Geoff Dowling Braille Translation using Augmented Transition Networks

Description: The paper describes the use of a formal language approach to the translation of English into grade II Braille. Braille is a system used by blind people and it is the counterpart of what inkprint is to sighted people. As such, it allows the representation of their language, and the provision of printed text. There are two types of Braille: grade I, which is a direct one to one mapping of inkprint characters into Braille, and grade II, which involves the use of contractions and abbreviations of words, in order to reduce the bulk of the material translated. In the last few years a number of approaches have been adopted for Braille translation; however, due to the difficulties inherent in the translation process, the problem is not completely solved. Even professional systems use human proof-readers to validate the automatic translation. This implementation considers the use of augmented transition networks, a development of pushdown automata, to permit the representation of the translatio...

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Date: 1994-06-21

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