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Title: Feedback Guided Dynamic Loop Scheduling: Algorithms and Experiments


Subject: J. Mark Bull Feedback Guided Dynamic Loop Scheduling: Algorithms and Experiments

Description: . Dynamic loop scheduling algorithms can suffer from overheads due to synchronisation, loss of locality and small iteration counts. We observe that timing information from previous executions of the loop can be utilised to reduce these overheads. We introduce two new algorithms for dynamic loop scheduling which implement this type of feedback guidance, and report experimental results on a distributed shared memory architecture. Under appropriate circumstances, these algorithms are observed to give significant performance gains over existing loop scheduling techniques. 1 Introduction Minimising load imbalance is a key activity in producing efficient implementations of applications on parallel architectures. Since loops are the most significant source of parallelism in many applications, the scheduling of loop iterations to processors can be an important factor in determining performance. Most of the existing techniques for dynamic loop scheduling on shared memory machines are variants ...

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Date: 1998-06-18

Pubyear: 1998

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