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Title: Compiler Analysis for Cache Coherence:



Subject: Lynn Choi,Pen-chung Yew Compiler Analysis for Cache Coherence:

Description: In this paper, we present compiler algorithms for detecting references to stale data in sharedmemory multiprocessors. The algorithm consists of two key analysis techniques, stale reference detection and locality preserving analysis. While the stale reference detection finds the memory reference patterns that may violate cache coherence, the locality preserving analysis minimizes the number of such stale references by analyzing both temporal and spatial reuses. By computing the regions referenced by arrays inside loops, we extend the previous scalar algorithms [8] for more precise analysis. We develop a full interprocedural array data-flow algorithm, which performs both bottom-up side-effect analysis and top-down context analysis on the procedure call graph to further exploit locality across procedure boundaries. The interprocedural algorithm eliminates cache invalidations at procedure boundaries, which were assumed in the previous compiler algorithms [9]. We have fully implemented the ...

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Date: 1996-05-04

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