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Title: Using Goals to Find Plans with High Expected Utility






Subject: Jak Kirman,Ann Nicholson,Moises Lejter,Thomas Dean,Eugene Santos Using Goals to Find Plans with High Expected Utility

Description: . We describe a method for planning to achieve goals under uncertainty that makes use of decision-theoretic methods to guide search. Given a probabilistic model of the world and a utility measure on world states, we wish to find plans (sequences of actions) with high expected utility. Finding a plan maximizing the expected utility is combinatorial in nature. In previous research, we coped with the combinatorics by making simplifying assumptions that sometimes led to a poor choice of plan. In this paper, we reduce the combinatorics by restricting attention to plans that are likely to achieve specific goals; we then use a successive approximation algorithm to select from these plans one with high utility. We obtain the restricted set of plans using a procedure that can, given a goal, generate candidate plans one at a time as needed; these plans are produced in decreasing order of probability of achieving their goal. This procedure is also used to obtain iteratively refined bounds on the ...

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Date: 1993-11-02

Pubyear: 1993

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