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Title: Exploration of Simulation Experiments by Discovery

Subject: Exploration of Simulation Experiments by Discovery

Description: : We exemplify in this paper, how a discovery system is applied to the analysis of simulation experiments in practical political planning, and show what kind of new knowledge can be discovered in an application area that differs from others by the high amount of knowledge that the analyst holds already about the process that generates the data. Subgoals like "low classification accuracy", "high homogeneity", "disjoint rules", etc. are introduced into Explora, to select between different statistical tests for each pattern and several search algorithms, allowing the user to adapt the discovery process to the special requirements of the application. The combination of discovery with simulation is endowed with the main characteristics of both Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) and Automated Scientific Discovery (ASD), i.e. discovery in large databases and experimentation. Analysing a real system with simulation models allows to freely set the experimental conditions. In distinction to ...

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Date: 1995-02-28

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