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Title: Constraint Logic Programming in the Sequent Calculus



Subject: John Darlington,Yike Guo Constraint Logic Programming in the Sequent Calculus

Description: . In this paper, we are developing a new logical semantics of CLP. It is shown that CLP is based on an amalgamated logic embedding the entailment relation of constraints into a fragment of intuitionistic logic. Constrained SLD resolution corresponds to a complete proof search in the amalgamated logic. The framework provides not only the logical account on the definitional semantics towards CLP but also a general way to integrate constraints into various logic programming systems. 1 Introduction Constraint logic programming has recently attracted much research actively. Intuitively, constraint logic programming languages are designed by replacing unification with constraint solving over a computational domain. Therefore, logic programming can be pursued over any intended domain of discourse. Many CLP languages has been designed [JL87, Col87] and implemented [JL87, Col87]. Their computational domains include linear arithmetic[JL87], boolean algebra [KS89] and finite sets [MHS88]. Since ...

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Date: 1994-01-16

Pubyear: 1994

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