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Title: Pragmatic User Modelling for Complex Knowledge-Based Systems


Subject: Linda Strachan Pragmatic User Modelling for Complex Knowledge-Based Systems

Description: A commercial system under development, the Tax and Investment Management Strategizer (TIMS), has an identified need for a user modelling component to address the complexity issues inherent in real life knowledge-based systems. We proposea pragmatic user modelling component using mainly existing technology that provides support for the users, particularly the novice TIMS users and novice Financial Planners, yet will have as small an impact as possible on issues such as response time and integration into the system. We hope to contribute to the field of User Modelling by assessing the impact of the user modelling component based on subjective user satisfaction with a commercial system through empirical testing. Introduction Knowledge-based systems are programs in which the domain knowledge is explicit and separate from the program's other knowledge. The application of Artificial Intelligence techniques has allowed these types of systems to solve problems which conventional decision supp...

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Date: 1996-05-06

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