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Title: Continuous Media Sharing in Multimedia Database Systems




Subject: Mohan Kamath,Krithi Ramamritham,Don Towsley Continuous Media Sharing in Multimedia Database Systems

Description: The timeliness and synchronization requirements of multimedia data demand efficient buffer management and disk access schemes for multimedia database systems. The data rates involved are very high and despite the development of efficient storage and retrieval strategies, disk I/O is a potential bottleneck, which limits the number of concurrent sessions supported by a system. This calls for more efficient use of data that has already been brought into the buffer. We introduce the notion of continuous media caching, which is a simple and novel technique where data that have been played back by a user are preserved in a controlled fashion for use by subsequent users requesting the same data. We present heuristics to determine when continuous media sharing is beneficial and describe the buffer management algorithms. Simulation studies indicate that our technique substantially improves the performance of multimedia database applications where data sharing is possible. 1 Introduction To su...

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Date: 1997-09-12

Pubyear: 1995

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