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Title: Storage Management for Evolving Databases





Subject: J. Kleinberg,R. Motwani,P. Raghavan,S. Venkatasubramanian Storage Management for Evolving Databases

Description: The problem of maintaining data that arrives continuously over time is increasingly prevalent in databases and digital libraries. Building on a model for sliding-window indices developed in [24], we devise efficient algorithms for some of the central problems that arise. We also show connections between the problems in this model and some fundamental problems in optimization and graph theory. 1 Introduction Large volumes of data arriving continuously over time add new complexity to problems of storage management in databases and digital libraries. Recent work in these communities has resulted in a framework for studying these issues (see e.g. [24] and the references therein). Among other results, we show here that one of the central problems within this model has a non-trivial polynomial-time solution, and we establish connections between some of these problems and a novel generalization of graph coloring that appears to be of interest in its own right. We begin by highlighting three...

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Date: 1998-08-20

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