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Title: Scheduling In Real-Time Transaction Systems




Subject: John A. Stankovic,Krithi Ramamritham,Don Towsley Scheduling In Real-Time Transaction Systems

Description: In many application areas database management systems may have to operate under real-time constraints. We have taken an integrated approach to developing algorithms for cpu scheduling, concurrency control (based both on locking and on optimistic concurrency control), conflict resolution, transaction restart, transaction wakeup, deadlock, buffer management, and disk I/O scheduling. In all cases the algorithms directly address real-time constraints. We have developed new algorithms, implemented them on an experimental testbed called RT-CARAT, and evaluated their performance. We have paid particular note to how the algorithms interact with each other and to actual implementation costs and their impact on performance. The experimental results are numerous and constitute the first such results on an actual real-time database testbed. The main algorithms and conclusions reached are presented in this Chapter. This work was supported by ONR under contracts NOOO14-85-K-0389 and N00014-87-K-79...

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Date: 1998-11-27

Pubyear: 1991

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