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Title: A Comparison Of Two Paradigms For Distributed Shared Memory





Subject: Willem G. Levelt,M. Frans Kaashoek,Henri E. Bal,Andrew S. Tanenbaum A Comparison Of Two Paradigms For Distributed Shared Memory

Description: This paper compares two paradigms for Distributed Shared Memory on loosely coupled computing systems: the shared data-object model as used in Orca, a programming language specially designed for loosely coupled computing systems and the Shared Virtual Memory model. For both paradigms two systems are described, one using only point-to-point messages, the other using broadcasting as well. The two paradigms and their implementations are described briefly. Their performances on four applications are compared: the travelling-salesman problem, alpha-beta search, matrix multiplication and the all-pairs shortest paths problem. The relevant measurements were obtained on a system consisting of 10 MC68020 processors connected by an Ethernet. For comparison purposes, the applications have also been run on a system with physical shared memory. In addition, the paper gives measurements for the first two applications above when Remote Procedure Call is used as the communication mechanism. The measurem...

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