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Title: Frame-Free Video


Subject: Nuno Vasconcelos Frame-Free Video

Description: Current digital video representations emphasize compression efficiency, lacking some of the flexibility required for interactive manipulation of digital bitstreams. In this work, we present a video representation which can encompass both space and time, providing a temporally coherent description of video sequences. The video sequence is segmented into its component objects, and the trajectory of each object throughout the sequence is described parametrically, according to a spatiotemporal motion model. Since the motion model is a continuous function of time, the video representation becomes frame-rate independent and temporal resolution a user-definable parameter. I.e. the traditional sequence of frames, with temporal structure hardcoded into the bitstream at the time of production, is replaced by a collection of scene snapshots assembled on the fly by the decoder. This enables random access and temporal scalability, the major building blocks for interactivity. 1. INTRODUCTION If th...

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Date: 1996-09-27

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