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Title: Emergence-based Cooperation in a Multi-Agent System




Subject: Thierry Dagaeff,Fabrice Chantemargue,Beat Hirsbrunner Emergence-based Cooperation in a Multi-Agent System

Description: We discuss antagonism and cooperation in multi-agent systems. We show theoretically and experimentally that cooperation can emerge in a multi-agent system despite the presence of antagonism. moreover antagonist situation can be capitalized on. Keywords: Multi-agent systems, autonomy, emergence, cooperation, antagonism, distributed artificial intelligence, collective robotics. Introduction Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) is a new area of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI). An agent is a fuzzy notion which may designate either a physical entity (a computer, a robot, a human) or a formal entity (a process, a program) according to the target domain. AMAS is a structure given by an environment together with a set of artificial agents capable to act on this environment. These definitions are general enough to address multiple domains which can be specified by the nature of the agents and the environment. Multi-agent models are oriented towards interactions, collaborative phenomena and auto...

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