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Title: Domain-Specific Criteria to Direct and Evaluate Planning Systems




Subject: Yolanda Gil,Mark Hoffman,Austin Tate Domain-Specific Criteria to Direct and Evaluate Planning Systems

Description: This document is the result of a joint effort to understand what are relevant factors to consider when there are several possible courses of action (COAs) to accomplish a Noncombatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) military mission. These relevant factors are useful for generation and evaluation of COAs and provide the basis for a good decision in selecting a COA. The document compiles the relevant factors from the perspective of logistics that are useful to evaluate whether or not alternative proposed COAs can be supported logistically, and which ones seem to be better alternatives compared to the others. The ultimate goal of this joint effort is to use these factors to automate the evaluation and comparison of COAs and use the comparison to determine what are critical aspects of a COA that may be changed to produce a better option with a generative planner. We discuss how we envision using expect and O-Plan2 for this purpose. 1 Introduction Generating qualitatively different plans is ...

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Date: 1995-05-18

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