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Title: The Problem of Reasoning by Case Analysis

Subject: The Problem of Reasoning by Case Analysis

Description: . This article is the twenty-ninth of a series of articles discussing various open research prob ems in automated reasoning. The problem proposed for research asks one to find criteria that an o d automated reasoning program can apply to decide when to conduct a case analysis argument and t ecide which cases are appropriate. When the choice of employing a case analysis argument is wise a p and the cases are well chosen, the likelihood that the reasoning program---or, for that matter, erson---will find an answer to the given question is sharply increased. . Q Key words. Automated reasoning, case analysis, unsolved research problem uestion: When considering some given question, what criteria should be used to decide to employ a o c case analysis argument, and, for such an argument, what criteria should be used to choose the cases t onsider? (This question is the twenty-eighth of 33 problems proposed for research in [3] and will be referred to d s as Research Problem 28 throughout this a...

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Date: 1994-03-29

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