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Title: The IceT Environment for Parallel and Distributed Computing (Extended Abstract)

Subject: The IceT Environment for Parallel and Distributed Computing (Extended Abstract)

Description: ) Paul A. Gray and Vaidy S. Sunderam Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science Emory University, Atlanta, GA USA e-mail:, June 6, 1997 keywords: heterogeneous computing environment, distributed computing, Java, process mobility, parallel programming environment 1 Introduction Parallel programming, as it pertains to distributed computing over local networked workstations, has reached a solid level of maturity in recent years. Coupled with recent and considerable gains in processor performance and network capabilities, parallel environments consisting of clustered workstations remain viable platforms for high-performance computation. These recent gains in hardware capabilities have evolved hand-in-hand with significant developments in software tools, programming languages and programming methodologies --- most notably, the languages and paradigms associated with Internet programming. For the most part, the respective programming models, tools ...

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