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Title: A Statistics-Based Framework For Automated Software Testing



Subject: Huey--der Chu,John Dobson A Statistics-Based Framework For Automated Software Testing

Description: To achieve software quality, testing is an essential component in all software development. It involves the execution of a deterministic software system with test data and a comparison of the results with the expected output, which must satisfy users' requirements. This accounts for over 25% of the cost of a software development.Consequently, automation has considerable potential. Quality programming introduced by Cho can automatically generate data for testing, based on a so--called `SIAD tree' which is used to represent the hierarchical and network relation between input elements, and also incorporates rules into the tree for using the inputs. However, it lacks a very clear framework to show how to achieve automated testing. As an improvement, we present a statistics--based framework for automated software testing (SFAST), which is an extension of the testing concept in quality programming to achieve automated testing. In SFAST, we propose a SOAD tree which is similar to the structur...

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Date: 1997-06-05

Pubyear: 1996

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