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Title: Specification And Development Of Parallel Algorithms With The Proteus System







Subject: Allen Goldberg,Peter Mills,Lars Nyland,Jan Prins,John Reif,James Riely Specification And Development Of Parallel Algorithms With The Proteus System

Description: . The Proteus language is a wide-spectrum parallel programming notation that supports the expression of both high-level architectureindependent specifications and lower-level architecture-specific implementations. A methodology based on successive refinement and interactive experimentation supports the development of parallel algorithms from specification to various efficient architecture-dependent implementations. The Proteus system combines the language and tools supporting this methodology. This paper presents a brief overview of the Proteus system and describes its use in the exploration and development of several non-trivial algorithms, including the fast multipole algorithm for N-body computations. 1. Introduction Practical implementations of parallel algorithms that access the performance potential of current computers are difficult to develop, too often fail to deliver the expected performance, and lack portability to other platforms. This state of affairs may be explained by ...

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