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Title: Janus --- a C++ Template Library for Parallel Dynamic Mesh Applications




Subject: Jens Gerlach,Mitsuhisa Sato,Yutaka Ishikawa Janus --- a C++ Template Library for Parallel Dynamic Mesh Applications

Description: . We propose Janus --- a C++ template library of container classes and communication primitives for parallel dynamic mesh applications. The paper focuses on two phase containers that are a central component of the Janus framework. These containers are quasi-constant, i.e., they have an extended initialization phase after which they provide read-only access to their elements. Two phase containers are useful for the efficient and easy-to-use representation of finite element meshes and generating sparse matrices. Using such containers makes it easy to encapsulate irregular communication patterns that occur when running finite element programs in parallel. Keywords: data parallel programming, object-oriented programming, generic programming, finite element methods. 1 Introduction If we think of a finite element program as a collection of related objects on which operations are performed we recognize that there are basically two types of application objects. The first type are sets that r...

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