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Title: Using Logic Programming Languages For Optical Music Recognition


Subject: Couasnon Pascal Brisset Using Logic Programming Languages For Optical Music Recognition

Description: Optical Music Recognition is a particular form of document analysis in which there is much knowledge about document structure. Indeed there exists an important set of rules for musical notation, but current systems do not fully use them. We propose a new solution using a grammar to guide the segmentation of the graphical objects and their recognition. The grammar is essentially a description of the relations (relative position and size, adjacency, etc) between the graphical objects. Inspired by Definite Clause Grammar techniques, the grammar can be directly implemented in Prolog, a higher-order dialect of Prolog. Moreover, the translation from the grammar into Prolog code can be done automatically. Our approach is justified by the first encouraging results obtained with a prototype for music score recognition. Keywords: Document analysis, Optical Music Recognition, DCG, Grammar Translation 1 Introduction In structured document analysis, one open problem is to separate knowledge from...

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Date: 1998-04-16

Pubyear: 1995

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