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Title: Evolutionary Training of CLP-Constrained Neural Networks





Subject: Joost N. Kok,Elena Marchiori,Massimo Marchiori,Claudio Rossi Evolutionary Training of CLP-Constrained Neural Networks

Description: The paper is concerned with the integration of constraint logic programming systems (CLP) with systems based on genetic algorithms (GA). The resulting framework is tailored for applications that require a first phase in which a number of constraints need to be generated, and a second phase in which an optimal solution satisfying these constraints is produced. The first phase is carried by the CLP and the second one by the GA. We present a specific framework where ECL i PS e (ECRC Common Logic Programming System) and GENOCOP (GEnetic algorithm for Numerical Optimization for COnstrained Problems) are integrated in a framework called CoCo (COmputational intelligence plus COnstraint logic programming). The CoCo system is applied to the training problem for neural networks. We consider constrained networks, e.g. neural networks with shared weights, constraints on the weights - for example domain constraints for hardware implementation - etc. Then ECL i PS e is used to generate the c...

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Date: 1997-11-07

Pubyear: 1996

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