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Title: Multimedia over ATM: Progress, Status and Future



Subject: Bing Zheng,Mohammed Atiquzzaman Multimedia over ATM: Progress, Status and Future

Description: Multimedia is an emerging service which integrates voice, video and data in the same service. With the progress made in high speed large capacity multimedia servers, high speed networks, cost effective QoS, acceptable service category and cost effective set top boxes, it is currently possible to carry multimedia over high speed networks cost effectively and effeciently. This paper surveys the progress made and the future of efficiently carrying multimedia over ATM networks. 1 Introduction The Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network which provides the high speed and large capacity trunk interconnection of the various networks is very suitable for transporting multimedia, with the high speed video server technology, it is expected that applications such as video on demand and video conferencing will be the most active services over ATM networks. This is evidenced by the strong interest in standardizing of carrying multimedia over ATM networks. ATM Forum has already released its standa...

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