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Title: PAC Learning of Interleaved Melodies


Subject: Brian J. Ross PAC Learning of Interleaved Melodies

Description: A number of algebraic models of music that use the interleaving or shuffle operator have been suggested in the literature. This paper shows how interleaving expressions are conducive to PAC identification. PAC learning theory states that a "probably approximately correct" hypothesis that falls within a desired level of accuracy can be derived with a high probability from randomly selected training examples. The relevance of this result is that it is possible to construct very efficient melody recognition and synthesis modules for interleaving music languages. 1 Introduction This research investigates the application of formal machine learning techniques towards the automated recognition of music. A summary of the problem is as follows. We are given a well-defined formal language describing expressions that (for our purposes) generate musical events. Each expression can be considered to be an automata that recognizes or generates particular musical melodies. The formal language used i...

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Date: 1996-01-25

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